Can anyone else believe that it’s 2017? I mean, it feels like it was 2016 just yesterday…

Wait a second, it was 2016 yesterday.

A lot happened in 2016. I moved twice, once from Europe to South Carolina and then again from South Carolina to Washington. I started high school. Matthias came home. I wrote the first draft of my novel. It was a pretty epic year, full of ups and downs and a ton of blessings. And guess what? There’s a new year ahead of us to do some crazy awesome stuff! I know a lot of us have some goals for the next year, so I thought I’d share five of my writing and reading related goals…

This year, I want to be more diligent about studying the Bible. One of the resources I plan on using is She Read Truth. I used their plan to study the Bible during the Advent season, and I plan on using their Esther and Timothy studies in January.

I really didn’t read as much as I wanted to in 2016, and 100 seems like a reasonable number… Don’t you think? =)

I’ve always wanted to do this, but I’ve always had some excuse. This is the year, guys. *silently screams at self for insanity*

I would love to blog once a week in 2017! I think I can make this work… I think.

*hides the fact that I’m not even done with the second one* Right now, I’m strengthening the plot and developing my characters even more. And then there’s the whole I-wrote-the-first-draft-in-a-notebook-so-I’m-turning-it-into-a-Word-doc fiasco… I’d love for this to be ready for beta readers by the summer, way far away, I know.

This new year, let’s remember that 2017 isn’t just a year to check stuff off our bucket lists or stick to our resolutions. It’s a time to grow. A time to follow. A time to do.

I can’t wait to see what God has planned for us in this new year, can’t you?

What did you guys do to ring in the new year? How are liking the new blog? =) What are some of your goals for 2017?
Happy New Year!

19 thoughts on “2017

  1. Oooohh!!! I love the new look, Micaiah! (and the name…I'm a notebook hoarder myself XD)I fell asleep listening to the rain for my New Year 🙂 I'm thinking of camp…but have no clue what I'd write at the same time!It's so cool that your novel is almost ready for beta reading! I'm going to ask my mom to alpha mine, and hopefully send it out for beta-ing mid-spring 😛 I'll definitely be sticking around here for some posts 🙂 Happy New Year!


  2. Aw, thank you, Audrey! =) I love your blog's new look as well! Haha, I'm a notebook hoarder too. That sounds like something out of a book.. I stayed up late with my sisters. I may do camp, but I don't know what I'd do either. I'll probably do the same, except mine will be ready for beta readers in the summer. I'm so glad! =) Happy New Year!


  3. Yay, I like your new blog! Last night I celebrated NYE by plotting an amaaazing new story that I'm obsessed with (haha I lead such an exciting life XD). What's Camp NaNo? Haileyhaileyhudson.wordpress.com


  4. LOVE the new look, Micaiah! It's so fresh and open :D. Plus the name is EPIC *hugs all the notebooks and novels in my dragon hoard* xD. OH GRACIOUS – MICAIAH SALDANA, you MUST do NaNo. Seriously, for me, choosing to do NaNoWriMo made a big change in my writing life and I'm SO GLAD that I did it. Even if it's insane xD. I hope you do it this year – it would be fun to have another WriMo writing buddy! 😀 ~ Savannah scattered-scribblings.blogspot.com


  5. I think your new blog design is lovely, Micaiah! =DI agree with Savannah, I think the name is perfect, and fits what this blog is about!! =DYour goals are wonderful, and I'm sure that you can accomplish all of them if you really put your mind to it!! =)I hope you have a amazing year. =D Jaidyn Elise


  6. Eeeeep. Theodore drafts O.oI'm only through one chapter in drfat two for my novel. I'm hoping to get it done. And both camp nano's + nanowrimo because why shouldn't I stress myslef out and try to write two books this year? Haha I really shouldn't but I'm trying. Woah those are two big moves. I hope you've adjusted :p And yay!!! I'm planning on reading 100 books too.


  7. I know. Scary! I hope you get it done soon! =)Haha, it's an idea for me to do both, but that would be… Humanly impossible?I have! They're sad but also exciting. I've been able to keep in touch with a lot of my friends from SC, and one got to visit me for a few days so that was awesomeness.Awesome! Let us read allll the books! =)


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