Once upon a time, I went to Uganda with the ministry of Sixty Feet
In Uganda, I saw things. I saw kids without parents and homes. I felt God chipping away at my heart and I saw Him work on my parents’ hearts. He laid on my family a call to adopt. We then began the adoption process with AWAA
Nearly two years later, we have little Matthias home. Today, I want to share the video I made about my family’s adoption story. It’s a happy story, full of waiting and excitement, prayer and tears, with the best ending I could ever imagine. God is good. 
Thank you to everyone who supported us and prayed for us during this journey. You mean so much to us! 

9 thoughts on “Matthias

  1. So beautiful, Micaiah! Adoption is such a blessing.Also, that song. . . !!It was fun (and slightly weird) to be able to recognize all the places in your pictures–and be in one of them. 😉 I still cannot believe how that worked out!


  2. Thank you, Hanna! It is for sure. I know! It made us cry a lot before Matthias came home because it made us think of him…I can't believe how it worked out either! =) It was such an amazing coincidence!


  3. Hi Micaiah!I discovered your blog last night, and left it open to peruse today… I expected to just read a couple posts, but your posts really held me, and when I realized it was a "newer" blog, I decided to read through the whole thing… I'm going to follow :)!I loved this video, and I teared up when y'all met Matthias. I am hopeful that the Lord will bring it about that I may adopt one day, especially special needs and disabled kiddos. It's been a dream of mine for years now, and so I love to hear adoption stories! I'm working with/searching for ways to get more involved with special needs individuals now, to try to get some experience for that life if God allows it later. Thank you for sharing this part of your life with us. Your family seems precious, and Matthias is a doll! (Also, your Mom is gorgeous!)Blessings in our Savior,Bri


  4. Oh Micaiah! I was scrolling through your posts and found this. I watched the videos and started crying because it's so beautiful! I'm from China and I've been to some of the places your parents and Matthias visited. It put a smile on my face seeing how happy Matthias looked in the pictures! I'm so glad little Matthias has found such a loving home. Please help me say hello to him for me. 🙂


  5. Hi, Bri! I am so sorry that it has taken me nearly a YEAR to answer you! I am so sorry, I haven't seen this! I am so glad that you enjoyed my posts. =) I have just fixed the comments so that I am notified whenever I get a new one. I certainly teared up when we met Matthias as well. Your dream sounds absolutely lovely-I hope that, God willing, it can come true! I hope that you have found ways to serve. =) You are too sweet, thank you so much! =) This is one of the sweetest comments I've ever received! Blessings!


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