January Just Happened

Guys. January just happened. 
Well technically, January is still happening, but it’s time for a quick monthly highlights post. Are y’all ready? *dives in*

-I had a good friend from SC come stay for a few days. We go to do some epic things like staying up until five in the morning (I don’t know HOW), going to the mall, and watching chick flicks like Pride and Prejudice and A Walk To Remember (and of course I cried during that movie who wouldn’t?). Miss you, Amy!

-Speaking of movies… I also rotted my brain watching UnbrokenQueen of Katwe, and I Am Not Ashamed. WHY MUST I WATCH MOVIES THAT MAKE ME CRY??? *blows nose*

-My sister and I have become part of an awesome Bible Study. We absolutely LOVE our weekly meetings, and not just because there’s lots of sugar involved. =) It’s amazing, being able to study the Bible with other girls and make new friends. *hugs my bible study*

-Imagine this: five kids, two parents, and one dog in a van driving around the Olympic Peninsula. Well… It happened. Once I take the pictures off my camera,, I’ll photo dump you all. But for now, enjoy the sunset. =)

RUNAWAY. There’s a lot of fun going on, but I just realized that both Kyle and I… Well, we didn’t exactly, er, plan ahead when the whole running away thing happened (aka I didn’t think it through as well as I thought my brilliant self had). So we’re sitting on a park bench wondering what to do figuring that out, but besides that, everything is going well, in my opinion. *dodges Connor’s glare* And because you guys are the best, I have a snippet to share. =)
*thinks for a moment* *decides to give another snippet* 
So far I’ve read… Four measly books. I FAILED AT READING THIS MONTH. But considering I read one of my new favorite series and am currently enjoying The Language of Sparrows and Sense and Sensibility, it’s been a good month for reading. =)
*flails for all eternity* THESE BOOKS GUYS. Like… I COULDN’T STOP READING I READ THEM ALL IN FIVE DAYS. *rubs eyes at lack sleep* But seriously, rarely does a book change me. These books DID. They challenged me to look at how I’m using my time, where I’m putting my hope in, and they encouraged me to live for the King of Kings. Did I mention that the plot and characters (PARVIN YES) all earned a gazillion out of five stars? =) 
If I had to pick one word to describe this novel it would be amazing. This book kept me reading for about three days until the very end. It was a sweet, heartwarming read that yanked me all over World War II and left me shutting it with a sigh. *sighs thinking of the pretty book* 
The amazing Hannah of Furious Ever Afters helped me figure out how to make an Apple playlist on my blog… So voila! My very first monthly playlist! 

How was YOUR month? Tell me aaallll about it. Did you watch any movies that made you grab a tissue? If not, watch Matthias’s video. How about read any good books? Listen to any amazing music? And did you make these super easy yet super yummy treats? 

27 thoughts on “January Just Happened

  1. YAY sounds like you had an awesome month. WASNT THE OUT OF TIME SERIES THE BEST AGSJSKABAMALAKjsjsjwh AHHHHH I COULD SCREAM FOREVER. okay. *Clams down* I've been watching Series of Unfortunate events of Netflix and haven't shed any tears yet. I might when I finish the last one and am reminded that I have to wait a while year till season two. Ugh. It's really funny though.Aw I'm glad it worked xD I had seen people do spotfy one and I searched for a bit to get apple music to work (I am on spotfy but just the free with ads version cause my family is all on apple music) But great post!!! I love reading about people's months. And haha this turned out to be a long comment.


  2. Sounds like your month was great! I totally get the "January happened" thing too, BECAUSE WHERE DID JANUARY GO AND WHAT DID IT DO??? ;-)Oh. My. Gosh. The Out Of Time series is my favorite series ever! Have you read book two yet? They are SO amazing!!! 😀audrey caylin


  3. HUZZAH FOR WATCHING PRIDE AND PREJUDICE (wait, which version do you like??? This makes all the difference, really…) AND READING SENSE AND SENSIBILITY!!! Except Sense and Sensibility is super boring and Austen's worst book and I really hope it doesn't make you give up on her because Persuasion and Pride and Prejudice are SOO GOOD! 🙂


  4. sounds like you had an amazing month!! it passed so quickly, and i honestly have no idea where in the world it went!unfortunately i didn't really watch any movies this month, but i did make some good headway into my goodreads challenge! actually though, i've been watch A Series of Unfortunate Events on netflix and that's been a lot of fun!


  5. It was a pretty awesome month. =)IT WAS THE BEST I'LL SCREAM WITH YOU. Oh, how is it? I've seen it, but haven't really watched it or anything yet. It is the WORST having to wait for new seasons. Yeah, I've seen the Spotify ones, but my whole family has Apple Music and when I saw yours I was like, "I can actually DO that?!" Thanks! Long comments are the best. =)


  6. Oh, the Keira Knightley version is my favorite. =) My friend made me watch the older as well, and although I felt it stayed more true to the novel, I couldn't help but love the newer one. Sense and Sensibility isn't too bad, I'm actually enjoying it although I'm finding it hard to find a character I LIKE. I SHALL NEVER GIVE UP ON JANE SHE IS AMAZING. Good thing I started with Pride and Prejudice. =)


  7. The first one. bc JUDE is in that one. I ADORE Jude's character. I had such a blast trying to figure out his secrets when I read A TIME TO DIE for the first time and yeah. I won't post spoilers on your blog XD


  8. Ahh, La La Land and Rogue One were both movies that made me cry this month. They were so gorgeously done and definitely some of my new favorites. :DOUT OF TIME SERIES. Ahh, they're so amazing. ❤


  9. Great post, Micaiah!! UM. Yeah. I watched Matthias's video. And it did nearly make me cry. =') BUT I LOVED IT. ❤ And GIRL you stayed up until five in the morning? You're insane… =) Sounds like you had an awesome January! Here's to a wonderful February!!-Ariel


  10. You have no idea how happy that response made me! 🙂 That version is my favorite! (I haven't actually seen any other version yet…) People keep telling me I need to watch the BBC (and I do) because it's better, but honestly I think that one will always be my favorite. 🙂 Too much cuteness going there!AGREED. Like I can kind of relate to Elinor but I also feel like she is part robot, part boring-Lizzy???? And just UGH MARIANNE. Don't get me started.


  11. I had a good month. Tomorrow is my play and I've been working on it all year. (Lol) I watched X Men: Apocalypse and almost cried, fortunately I had already cried the first time I saw it! I read "Donut Go Breaking my Heart" and that's it. I listened to Jacob Sartorius's EP!❤️


  12. Great post!I went to Rogue One at the theater and it made me cry. Have you seen it? It's really sad, but I still love it. Most of my favorite movies have made me cry. . .Ooh, I love Pride and Prejudice! ❤ I've been trying to do more writing lately, so I haven't been reading as much.


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