Monday’s Minute Challenge

Recently, I entered Tessa Emily Hall’s Monday’s Minute Challenge writing prompt contest and received a first place award. =) You can read my entry below:

I squint against the piercing gusts of wind that whip my cloak around my near-frozen body. Footprints, barely legible in the packed snow and speckled with particles of dirt, lead north.
Of all the places, north.
Gritting my teeth and battling the uneasy feeling inside, I trudge onward. Frost glints in the spare sunlight, snow sparkles in an eerie way. But these are all normal sights for me since the beginning of the Winter.
I maneuver around a patch of ice, keeping an eye ahead of me, and yet glancing behind every minute or so. I have done well enough hiding my tracks, but if the beasts were sent after me…
I shake such thoughts from my head and come across an open meadow. Not the safest place for me, but I gasp. There he is.
“Henrik!” I hurry to the crumpled figure. No response. “Henrik!”
When I’m steps away from the fur coat-covered body, he bolts up, remaining on his knees. Surprised, I fall backwards. I don’t even try to get up when I see the blood-dipped knife in Henrik’s hand, the crazed look in his eyes.
They don’t hold the joy or mirth I knew.
“I never really loved her.” He cradles the knife closer to him. A drop of scarlet spreads on the snow.
Alarmed, I search him for any wounds from my vantage point. None. Then where… There is no body. No sign of a fight, nothing.
“Who?” I breathe, watching a cloud form in front of my face.
“She made me. I didn’t want to, but she made me. The light… But I never really loved her anyway.”
Another drop of blood. But it isn’t coming from the knife.
“Who didn’t you love? Who made you?”
Henrik looks up. “Her.”

*shivers* That is… The most morbid thing I’ve ever written. 
If you’d like to enter the next Monday’s Minute Challenge contest, click here. I’d love to read your entry, so let me know if you do participate in the comments! And I should be posting again tomorrow, so stay tuned.  =) 
Have you ever participated in Monday’s Minute Challenge? What genre do you like to write (or read) in? Will you be participating in the next writing prompt contest? Let’s talk!

18 thoughts on “Monday’s Minute Challenge

  1. Great job! Haha, I know what it's like to write something, and then think, "wow, that's scary!"Fantasy is my favorite genre to read and write, but I also love historical fiction, and there's a little bit of sci-fi that I've really enjoyed.I haven't ever done Monday's Minute Challenge, but I've been wondering if I should try it out. . .


  2. MICAIAH YOU ARE TALENT WITH WORDS <33333 I also have so much admiration for writers who can do prompts. MY BRAIN JUST CAN'T DO IT I DON'T KNOW WHY. But this is awesome :')


  3. Dystopian? Eh, I haven't had good luck with dystopian. I've only ever tried a little, but most of it I haven't cared for, or didn't finish. I'm willing to believe I got a bad selection though, I think it could be done quite well!Do you like it?


  4. THIS IS AWESOME!I found your blog through your lovely comment you left on mine, and I am soooo in love with your blog! Following, and exciting to see more posts! <3<3<3 -Clara


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