May Just Happened

May just happened. And my computer is FINALLY working again after my dear old dog broke the charger. *happy dance* Let’s reminisce a bit, shall we? 
Real Life
  • A super fun game night and a visit to a trampoline park with my amazing Bible study happened. Both events were super fun, even though I discovered that I CANNOT do an American Ninja Warrior course without falling off of it. Don’t ask. xD 
Hiking… Again. xD But seriously, I love it!
  • My family went on two camping trips this month, one to the Oregon coast and one to the Washington coast. Both trips were SO FUN. The weather was amazing in Oregon, and while we were there, I got to hike part of the Lewis and Clark trail, see bald eagles, sea lions and the most ADORABLE mommy and baby whales…. I could go on. And although the weather wasn’t the greatest for camping in Washington, we got to hang out on the beach and go hiking with friends. I can’t wait for more camping trips this summer!
  • Lots of cooking happened this month, including these absolutely delicious cupcakes (check out the recipe here). I think it’s safe to say that they were a hit…. I had no leftovers. xD
Of Notebooks…

Honestly, zero writing got done this month. After all of the craziness of Camp Nano, I took a break, but I’m up and at it again, with several new plot bunnies hopping around. I’m currently plotting a Snow White retelling for Rooglewood Press’s fairytale contest, not to mention working on Hiraeth. And judging from all of my lovely new plot bunnies, Hiraeth will be getting a nice second draft makeover. But for now, enjoy a slightly edited snippet (no spoilers, sorry. xD).

I close my now sticky eyes. “Where are you?” My voice is breathy, almost like a gust of wind that’s shrill and sad all at the same time. “Where are you?” A real breeze carries my question up to Heaven. “Where are you?”

I bow my head. How could he just watch all of the bad things happening down here?

And then, as if God has decided to answer, a faint whisper appears in my heart. Where were you?

I still. Job. He asked the same thing and received the same answer. I can almost see the Almighty shaking his head at me, a soft smile playing on his lips.

Where was I when God painted the sky a soft blue hue? Where was I when he spun clouds out of thin air? Where was I when he crafted the horses I see galloping across the plains? Where was I when he created time and space and dreamed up the entire earth?

Where was I?

The wind comes again, pushing wet strands of hair out of my face. I lift my head up to it, soaking in the cool, the calm. The sun beams down on me like a father’s smile—radiant and warm.

Darling, I was there. I was there for all of it, for all of you. I was there, as I always have been.
And strangely… I know that he was.

Still working on it, but I hope you enjoyed it! =)

Of Novels

Not too much reading got crammed into May, but I discovered some new authors that I absolutely LOVE. I thoroughly enjoyed every book I picked up, including Roadside Assistance by Amy Clifton, Illusionarium by Heather Dixon, and The Preacher’s Daughter by Beverly Lewis. *shoos you away to the library* Go read them right now! 

The Playlist

How was YOUR May? Will you be participating in the Rooglewood contest? Have you discovered any new authors? If so, do tell me aaalll about them! Are YOU being attacked by plot bunnies? What did you cook this month? What are your plans for the summer? Let’s chat!

32 thoughts on “May Just Happened

  1. Ohhh my family went to the Oregon coast last summer, and it was a blast! Its so pretty over there! :)GAHHH I LOVE YOUR SNIPPET! Your book sounds lovely! ❤


  2. I would love to visit Oregon!!! ❤ I hope you have a great time this summer (whereas I will start school once again).I started hiking just last month and I really liked it! Hopefully I'll be able to hike more during school breaks.Thank you for the reading recs! AND YOUR SNIPPET IS ABSOLUTELY GREAT. Good luck with the contest!- andrea at a surge of thunder


  3. Looks like you had an EPIC May, Micaiah! (and that picture with Matthias in it…I JUST CAN'T GET OVER HIM. JUSTJUSTJUST…ALL THE CUTE. <333) *gasps* You saw a mama and a baby whale??? WUUUUUT. Lucky you!!! AND DA CUPCAAAAAAAKES. *mouth waters* You made those by yourself? I don't get you, superwoman. 😉 OOOOO what are you writing for the Rooglewood contest? SPILL ARE THE SECRETS. xD DID YOU HEAR SAVANNAH IS ENTERING???? Did I discover any new authors? Well, not in May, but a yesterday I finished an AMAAAAZING book by Kara Swanson. (she spent sixteen years as a missionary kid in Indonesia! HOW COOL IS THAT??) The book is called 'The Girl Who Could See'. It's about a woman named Fern who can see a part of a world that no one else can, and this world is starting to infiltrate the real world, and she needs to figure out how to stop it. IT IS SO GOOD AND YOU MUST READ IT K?? Plans for the summer…well, I'm doing this thing called Project Love, where some girls I know (virtually and physically) are grouping up to love God and others wayyyyy more than we normally do this summer. It's gonna be AWESOME. (wanna join? ;))-Ariel


  4. Sounds like you have great May! OMW your snippet! Your writing style is so beautiful! ❤ Plot bunnies got you too, huh? They seem to be getting everyone. :PHope you have a great June! 🙂


  5. Ooh, this was such an awesome post!! Oh, you like to hike?? Fun!! Hiking doesn't sound like something that would be my forte, but maybe I should give it a try sometime….;)O. MY. WORD. THOSE CUPCAKES. *dies* !!!!!!!! You probably don't know ( OK, you don't *sheepish grin*)that I like to cook, but I do….and those cupcakes made me smile when I looked at them… colorful!! They make my mouth water…….=) What did I cook this month?? PIZZA. *mouth waters AGAIN* xD And, what did I do in May? SO. MANY. THINGS. I went to, like, four graduations, spent time with friends, blogged ( 😉 ), played outside with my siblings….tons of fun stuff. 😉 Jaidyn Elise


  6. Thank you so much, Adurey! =)Haha, it seems like everyone is getting attacked right now. Ooohh, that sounds so cool! Can't wait to hear more about it!Thanks, Audrey! =) I hope your June is awesome too!


  7. It is absolutely gorgeous in Oregon, I hope you get the chance to one day! I hope you summer (and school) is great. I hope you'll be able to hike more often! It's one of my favorite things to do. =)You're welcome! AND THANK YOU SO MUCH!!!! =D


  8. I know, he is ADORABLE. And it's so cute watching him learn to speak English… I love it when he says our names!I know! I did NOT expect that. At all. Best. Hike. Ever.Haha, I did. xD I'm working on a Western retelling of Snow White (cowboys, Indians, early settlers, etc.). Still plotting, but it's coming along and I am SO EXCITED for this story. I do know that, and I'm sure that she will do GREAT in the contest. =DOh, THAT IS SO COOL!!!! I'd love to live in Indonesia… *sigh* *back to reality* I've heard of that, and it looks absolutely AMAZING. I WILL READ IT I PROMISE! =DThat's so cool! I'd love to join! =D


  9. Thanks, Jaidyn! =) You definitely should! It's easier than it looks, and the views and experiences you'll find along the trail are priceless. =)You like to cook? That's so cool! Fellow chefs unite! *high five* You should definitely try making them, they are so good! AND YOU MADE PIZZA?!?! I tried… But I RUINED THE DOUGH. *hides face* *mouth water* That sounds like so much fun! And you have a blog? That's so cool! =D


  10. I had a great May! I made biscuits and peanut butter popcorn!!! I love hiking! Hmmmmm…������ I don't really have new authors but y'all should check out Joanne Bischof's To Get To You!! My #1 book to read!-Malia


  11. You're welcome. =) That's amazing. =) Maybe I really will do it one day……*high fives you back* TOTALLY!! =D I'm sure that you did good. =) I LOVE kneading the dough, though- it's really fun. =D But, who knows!! Maybe, if you try making pizza again, YOU WILL CONQUER THE THING. xDIt is a lot of fun. ;)Yes, I do, but it's private….I could ask my mom about inviting you, probably. 😉 Jaidyn Elise


  12. I read The Winner's Curse, and Heather Dixon's Entwined, which I loved. I assume Illusionarium is good too? That snippet is so sweet and hopeful! Keep writing! (because we want to read it allll) 😉Jem Jones


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