5 Things That Excite Writers

There are lots of things that make me excited. Nice weather, American Eagle jeans, chocolate cake…. The list goes on. As I’ve wandered around the blogosphere, I’ve noticed that there are quite a few things that excite us writers. Things that make us throw confetti and jump up and down and stuff our faces with ice cream. Here are just five of those things that make us excited. =) 
Finished Drafts
Be it a first draft, second draft clean-up, or seventh draft touch-up, we writers can’t help but get a little excited. Okay, maybe more than a little excited. Crazy excited. Can you remember the first time you looked at a finished draft, the victory you felt, the feeling you had when you typed the end? Then it’s time for chocolate and balloons. =D 
Plot Bunnies
Plot bunnies either send us running away screaming or squealing and throwing around funfetti cupcakes. We have a love-hate relationship with these little guys, They smack us in the face randomly and sometimes never stop coming. But hey, how can you hate a bunny, be it a plot bunny or real bunny? 
Aesthetic Anything
You know you’ve seen them. All of those beautiful photo collages writers make with pictures they’ve stumbled across that pair perfectly with their beloved stories, or maybe just the stand alone images or Pinterest boards…. WE LOVE THEM. Take for example, the only aesthetic collage I’ve ever made, the following collage I made for a plot bunny I had.  
Leather ones. Ones with puppies on them. Sparkly ones. Floral ones. Ones with locks. Old ones. New ones. Just show a writer almost any notebook and that writer’s next two words will be LOVE IT.

We collect them. We squeal over them. We display them. We scribble our words in them. And once all of their pretty pages are full…. We probably won’t part with them. xD That is, until we realize we need more closet space*…

*But I kept some pages from them and photographed them before I did that dark deed okay?!?! 
Hot Drinks
Tea. Coffee. Apple cider. And the queen of them all, HOT CHOCOLATE. *confetti and cocoa for all*  Nearly every writer has an affinity for a certain hot drink that stimulates our writerly senses. I personally prefer hot chocolate*, but coffee is popular with us writers as well. And an adorable mug doesn’t hurt either…. 
*I’m too weak for coffee, and who can turn down chocolate anything? Add caramel and salt and I am IN LOVE. =D

Okay, writers, what did I miss on my list (I’m sure I missed a lot xD)? What are some other things that excite you? Does anything I listed especially excite you? What did the prettiest notebook you’ve ever owned look like? What’s your favorite hot drink? DO YOU NOT LOVE GIFS OR WHAT?!?!?! C’mon and chat with me! 

24 thoughts on “5 Things That Excite Writers

  1. YES YES YES NOTEBOOKS AND HOT DRINKS! I love steamed milk so much and it always calms my nerves. Also, did I see a Girl Meets World GIF up there? *screamsThe prettiest notebook I've ever owned is one with a pastel pink cover, with the words "Tacos and Tequila are my Happy Place" printed on it in gold. My friend gave it to me last Christmas and I love it so much!


  2. I love Giphy too! Yes to all! I swear I get bouncy when I find a new plot bunny. I view hot drinks as something necessary to life in the cooler weather – though hot cider is a treat. (Can I just say that I really like the way you did this post? It's so pretty!!) Catherinecatherinesrebellingmuse.blogspot.com


  3. *screams with you* HAVE I FOUND A FELLOW GIRL MEETS WORLD FAN!?!?! *flailing* That. Show. Is. So. Good. It's the soap opera of Disney Channel-and the only Disney Channel show I like. =)Oh, that sounds ADORABLE! It sounds like you've got a great friend with great taste. =)


  4. Things I have all the writerly love for: 1. Notebooks2. Aesthetics (despite not being terribly good at them myself)3. Reading (for research, obviously??)89. Sitting myself down in my chair and actually writing the thing… but what is this thing you call "finished draft"?? *dies*Lovely post, Micaiah! ❤Jem Jones


  5. I love Starbuck's salted caramel frappe! (never tried the hot chocolate) AND THANK YOU FOR THE RECIPE! I'm gonna have to check it out ❤ Come over and let's make it xD xxx


  6. Haha oh my goodness, you're right, there's no way I could ever hate a bunny of any kind. This was a cool post! And a huge AMEN to aesthetic boards. My writing life is literally 90% scrolling through Pinterest for more inspiring images and 10% writing….*rocks in the corner crying*


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