Merry Christmas!

Merry Christmas, everyone! I hope that you all are having a wonderful holiday season this year. =) If you’re like me, you’ve been watching sappy holiday movies, listening to lots of Christmas music, and munching on a TON of quite a few cookies for awhile. As I write this, I can hardly believe that Christmas is only a few days away! I think I might be more excited than my four year old brother…

I haven’t been so great about posting on here because I am a lazy blogger and not afraid to say it, but don’t worry. I’ll be back with a (hopefully) more regular posting schedule next week. =) But I do have a couple announcements for you right now.

First of all, I finally got a Goodreads account! =D I’m officially addicted, and this is only helping me grow my already mountainous TBR list. I think I’ll set a reading goal next year—something totally unreasonable probably, but who can be reasonable when it comes to books? xD Click here to see my shiny new profile! =D

Secondly, along with a more regular posting schedule, I also have my one year blogoversary (would someone please tell my spellcheck that blogoversary is totally a word?) coming up in the near future! Or rather, January 1 to be exact. How exciting is that? I’ll be having a big celebration here, with a giveaway, games, and LOTS of confetti. So be sure to check back for that next month. =)

I hope that you all have a very merry Christmas! =) 

8 thoughts on “Merry Christmas!

  1. Yes, blogoversary is the right spelling. 😄I'm still getting my cookies baked, and Christmas music is just getting started. Found you on Goodreads! I've added you as a friend. Have a Merry Christmas, Micaiah!!


  2. MERRY CHRISTMAS, MICAIAH!!! <333 I've really enjoyed watching Christmas movies and listening to Christmas music! I ABSOLUTELY LOVE CHRISTMAS TIME!! Oh, and congrats on the (almost) one year blogoversary!! I'll be having mine on January 7 and there will also be a lot of confetti and a giveaway over on my blog!!! Once again, Merry Christmas!! – Maddy ||


  3. Merry Christmas, Maddy! =D I love Christmastime too! What's your favorite Christmas movie? Aw, thanks! Congrats on your almost-one-year blogoversary too! =) I'll be sure to stop over there and throw confetti to celebrate!


  4. Merry (late) Christmas! xD I just found your blog and I love it! I have a little brother named Micaiah too! Isn't that fun? :DAs I said, love your blog! I'll have fun exploring it! <3Hadassah


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