It’s a Blogoversary!

Happy New Year, everyone! Can y’all BELIEVE that it’s 2018?!? And since it’s January 1, 2018, that means that it’s my one year blogoversary here on Notebooks and Novels! *insert confetti and fireworks here* To celebrate, I’ve got a few festivities planned, including a writing prompt contest (with an awesome prize), a rather bookish quiz, and a very special giveaway! =D But first, let’s take a look back on this past year of all thing Notebooks and Novels, shall we?

Stats From This Past Year…
107 followers, GFC and email combined-this is insane! You guys are the BEST!!! 

745 comments-I’ve loved talking to you guys! =D

13,385 page views-Again, wow!

42 posts-Just a few short of my goal, but not everyone’s perfect. xD 

I was a bit surprised that what seemed to be my longest post was the most popular one, but I’m glad that everyone liked it. =)
I picked two, California in Pictures because I LOVE how the photography turned out and 5 Things That Excite Writers because I discovered my new love-gifs. =D

I got published on the Rebelution and the Girldefined blog. I also was able to write an article for PURUSE magazine’s first digital issue and joined Project Canvas (don’t worry, I’ll be submitting an article to their blog soon). 
WOW, a lot has happened on here in this past year! Thank you all for sticking around and making it an amazing year of blogging. =) I hope that you’ll continue to hang around for all of the awesome stuff that I have planned to celebrate! What was one of the best memories you made last year? What are you looking forward this next year? Let’s talk, everyone! =D

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