A Bookish Quiz

I love books. I love the smell and feel of their pages, the look of the covers, and the stories they hold. Some of my favorite books are classics. What’s a classic? Here is my totally unprofessional opinion: Classics are tried and true novels that have stood the test of time and will continue to do so because they are THAT GOOD. I’ve read quite a few classic novels and still have a LOT to catch up on (A Tale of Two Cities and Don Quixote are on my list right now). Would you care to take a rather bookish quiz on some classic novels and their authors? =)

Also…Giveaway and Writing Contest!
I can’t get over how beautiful these are!

Don’t forget to enter the giveaway and writing contest going on so you can win one of these fabulous bookmarks! =) Click here to see all the details and enter. I hope to be able to read some more of y’alls lovely writing soon! =)

How’d you do in the quiz? =D Did you learn anything new? Have you read any of the books that were featured in the quiz? What is your favorite classic novel? What is one of your favorite quotes from a classic novel? Come on over to the comments section and let’s chat!

19 thoughts on “A Bookish Quiz

  1. Well, I missed a few. *hides in shame* I didn't know the Brontes had another sister, though – that's really cool. Oh, and good job of including LOTR. 😀 My favorite quote: "Stay gold, Ponyboy. Stay gold." What's yours?Brianna | noendofbooks.blogspot.com


  2. Ahh I GOT THEM ALL RIGHT WHAT? I didn't know that was going to happen xD I surprise myself, lol.My favorite classic bounces around, but it's usually "Anne of Green Gables" or "A Little Princess", but I'm reading "Rebecca of Sunnybrook Farm" right now and I'm really enjoying it! Oh, and of course Narnia is the best. ^.^ ~ Abby


  3. I'm at school right now, and my friend was looking over my shoulder and correcting my answers. I still got a few wrong though 😦 And my favorite ones on the quiz were definitely Pride and Prejudice + Lord of the Rings.


  4. I love classics! They are some of my favorite books out there. I love Wuthering Heights by Emily Bronte, and other books by the Bronte sister. But I haven't yet read The Tenant of Wildfell Hall. I also love Jane Austen as well. Do any of you have particular favorites when it comes to classic authors/classics?https://bakingplusbooks.blogspot.com


  5. It's alright, a while ago I would've missed everything on Brontë. =) Thank you! Oh, I love that quote! The Outsiders is so good! My favorite? Oh, that's so hard since I have so many! If I have to pick one right now, it'd be "Not all those who wander are lost."


  6. *confetti* Hooray! =D Good job! A Little Princess is my favorite of Francis Hodgson Burnett's novels, but it's a close tie with The Secret Garden. I still haven't read Rebecca of Sunnybrook Farm. *hides face*


  7. Mine too! You can't go wrong with a classic. =) I still haven't read Wuthering Heights (*hides face*), but Jane Eyre is my favorite so far! Favorites? Hmmm… Jane Austen is probably my favorite classic author, to be honest. I love how her novels critique the world of her time and yet are so entertaining with unexpected plot twists and a dash of romance. =) Besides, she has so many lovely quotes!


  8. Yeah, I'm a little behind on my classic romances. 😀 It IS!! Oh, I love that poem! Every time one of my friends quotes a line, I finish the entire poem from memory, and then they just look at me. But they're fangirls too, so it's all good. XD It just doesn't get better than LOTR.Brianna


  9. Jane Austen is a great choice :). I enjoy her books a lot as well. If you like Jane Eyre, then I think you will like Wuthering Heights. They kind of have the same tone/style.


  10. For sure! Ah yes, I love that line too. I didn't actually mean to memorize it, it just kind of . . . happened. 😀 I'd love to be able to remember useful things, but only the trivia sticks. Actually, you remember more than you think – you don't have to relearn everything from the past school year, right? 😀


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