Printable Letter Stationery For Your Sponsored Child

Hello, friends! I know, I know, WHERE WAS I WITH A POST LAST FRIDAY?!?! To be honest, I was preparing a post for Friday but got pretty lazy busy and never finished it. So now I’m here with an entirely NEW post about something that I’m really passionate about, along with some fun printables!

I’ve never talked about this before, but my family sponsors two kiddos through two different organizations. We sponsor a little boy named Simpson through Compassion International and a little girl named Yessica through World VisionI am proud to support both of these organizations and the work that Christ is doing through them. To learn more about Compassion International, click here. To learn more about World Vision, click here.

Both Compassion International and World Vision have great child sponsorship programs. I love being able to sponsor Simpson and Yessica! Child sponsorship not only provides the child being sponsored with things such as education, food, and the chance to hear the Gospel, but also an encouraging and life-changing relationship between the sponsor and child through letter-writing. The relationships built through the letter writing aspect of child sponsorship are truly special. Every time I receive a letter from Simpson or Yessica I get SO excited. I love hearing about their lives, their accomplishments, and their worlds.

Through the letters that I send to my sponsored kids, I try to encourage them and remind them of Christ’s love. I try to make the letters a little fun by sending along stickers, photographs, and coloring pages. I also like to use colorful stationery.

To make the letters that you send to your sponsored child a little more colorful, I’ve designed some printable stationery for you all to use! This stationery is designed with older sponsored kids in mind, but I’ll have some new letter stationery and/or templates for younger sponsored kids coming soon. There is a red, orange, yellow, and blue printable for boys and a pink, purple, and blue printable for girls.

TO PRNT: Click the little arrow in the top right hand corner of the widget below. Click the print icon on the upper right hand corner of the new page, then proceed to print. =) If you have any problems printing these, please let me know!

The Printable Letter Stationery 
I hope that you all enjoy using the stationery! =) Do you sponsor a child? If so, through what organization? What is a cause that you are passionate about? Let’s chat, friends! 

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