February/March Cocoa Break

It’s time for another cocoa break! This time, it’s a cocoa break for both February and March because I totally failed and didn’t do a cocoa break for February. And yes I know it’s April. Bear with me, folks.   
Real Life…

February wasn’t all that exciting, to be honest. School. Babysitting. Rain (it’s the PNW, of course there was rain). But then March came…. AND I TURNED SIXTEEN?!?!?! *cue gasps* It was the sweetest sixteen ever. I mean, there were three types of cupcakes. Chocolate with salted caramel frosting, red velvet with cream cheese frosting, and coconut with coconut frosting. My mom is the greatest on so many levels. =)

There was also a sweet party with some of the best friends ever. =) Everyone spoiled me rotten for my sweet sixteen! I still almost can’t believe that I’m sixteen now. I’M OLD ENOUGH TO DRIVE?!?!? Don’t worry, I still haven’t taken driver’s ed, so the roads of America (and this writer) are safe… For now. xD 

This March, I also got to take my younger siblings to Barnes and Noble. I picked up a Sherlock Holmes collection, and my younger siblings brought home quite the haul. I’m a proud big sister. =) Of course, a trip to Starbucks was also called for (thanks, Mom!). Starbucks and books. They go together like chocolate and caramel, peanut butter and jelly, Oreos and milk…. I need to stop. xD And yes, I did shop for books online after Barnes and Noble. THERE IS NO END TO MY OBSESSION.

Of Notebooks…
…Think, think, think. SERIOUS BRAINSTORMING IS GOING ON. I have a whole notebook that I’m filling up with snippets, prompts, etc. Brainstorming is fun and not-so fun at the same time, to be honest. The fun part is brainstorming. The not-so fun part is not being able to use every single idea/prompt OR trying to fit the prompts together. #writerproblems

This is how I celebrated. Such a sweet way to celebrate. =) And yes, that is salted caramel. 

Also… My short story “Dear Jamie, Love Rory” won the One Teen Story writing contest! HOW AWESOME AND INSANE IS THAT? =D Click here to see the announcement on One Story’s blog.

Of Novels…
I AM AN EMBARRASMENT TO BOOKWORMS EVERYWHERE. I’ve only read one book a month this whole year?!?! SOMEONE HELP ME. But honestly, the books I have read were GREAT. I gobbled up Alison Gervais’s In 27 Days in two days. That is seriously one of my favorite books ever now! I highly recommend it (don’t worry, a review will come!). And don’t get it in ebook form. Grab it in print. The cover is too pretty. =) 

Looking back on this, I’m pretty sure that all you guys think I do is read, write, and eat sugar. xD So tell me, what’s an amazing book you’ve recently read? An amazing sugary treat? What’s your favorite Starbucks drink? Let’s chat, friends! 

24 thoughts on “February/March Cocoa Break

  1. I'm late as well I guess, but happy birthday! Eating sugar, reading and writing is all you should do with your time (not that my teachers agree or my parents xD). Ooh, I don't really like coffee too much. But I do like tea!


  2. Thank you, Skye! =) I love your name, by the way! I'm actually thinking about writing a book with the MC's name being Sky Bleu. =) The cupcakes were SO YUMMY. Writing this post made me hungry too. xD


  3. Thanks, Mikayla! =) I'll do my best!Oh, they are! I never want to leave. Although here's a small tip: Don't drag your three little siblings into the YA section for too long. They WILL get bored. xD


  4. Aw, no worries! Thank you so much. =) Haha, parents and teachers don't understand. xD I only like coffee with a whole lot of sugar and added flavors. Hence I love Starbucks. =) To be honest, I'm not a big fan of tea. I don't know why, but my grandmother swears that it's because I've never had any good tea. xD


  5. Happy birthday!!! And CONGRATULATIONS on winning the contest! That is so exciting. An amazing book I read recently was The Girl who could See by Kara Swanson, and a sugary treat I recently had was fro-yo. =)Haileywww.thehardworkingcreative.comwww.haileyhudson.wordpress.com


  6. Congratulations on winning the contest, and HAPPY LATE BIRTHDAY! 😀 Reading, writing, and eating sugar covers all the basics of life, so, I mean… ;).


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