I’m Tired of “Strong” Female Characters Part Four – The Wrap-Up

I almost can’t believe that this is the last part of my series on strong women in fiction! I’ve had a blast sharing my thoughts and tips and chatting about this topic with you all in the comments. Before I continue, here are the links to the rest of this series in case any of you would like to catch up. =)

The Rest of the Series…

I’d like to close this series not by offering any more tips or pointing out amazing strong female characters in fiction, but by challenging my fellow writers to craft truly strong women in their stories. 
We writers have the amazing ability to influence people through the words we write. We don’t just write our stories for enjoyment. We get to encourage people with our stories. We get to tell them truth. We get to inspire people. We get to show them what’s right and wrong. We get to tell stories that change people, that change the world.
We get this privilege… Let’s not abuse it. Let’s use it! 
My hope and prayer for all of my fellow writers is that God will guide them to write stories that will glorify him. I hope that those same stories can also help girls realize what it means to be a truly strong women of the Lord who don’t look to their abilities or positions of power for their strength, but to their Lord and Savior. 
Thank you so much for joining me during this series on strong women in fiction! Be sure to visit Notebooks and Novels again next week for a book review of Jenny Han’s novel To All the Boys I’ve Loved Before

Which of these posts was your favorite? Which was most helpful? Will you take on the challenge to write about strong female characters? 
P.S. Be sure to check out my article on PURSUE on friendships with the guys in your life! Click here to read 4 Tips For Having Great Friendships With Guys. 

13 thoughts on “I’m Tired of “Strong” Female Characters Part Four – The Wrap-Up

  1. This was such a great series, Micaiah! I loved hearing some new opinions about strong female – and male – characters, and there was definitely a lot of food for thought here. Great job!


  2. I really enjoyed reading this series, Micaiah! I don't read a lot with typical physically strong characters, but I DO find the femininely strong women characters that I read to be one of the most encouraging things to read, and agree we need more! A few I can think of are LOTR, "Flower of the Family", and "An Old-Fashioned Girl". Having gentle, serving women with compassion and strong convictions is something we should all have to look up to! One character I love, from a TV show, "When Calls the Heart" is Abigail Stanton. There are some things they have done with her character the past couple seasons that I wish were different, but under it all, she's not afraid to accept help, she doesn't view herself as above parr… and yet she's the first one to come to when something is needed, because she truly cares and will do everything she can to make sure anybody is taken care of, and I just love to watch it 😊.


  3. Thanks, Bri! I do love the feminine song female characters, especially those of Middle Earth. =) I hope that more truly strong women will show up in fiction! I LOVE the female characters in When Calls the Heart! Elizabeth Thatcher is my favorite character in the show, but I also agree with you about Abigail Stanton.


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