In one of my recent posts, I ranted talked about three romance clichés that drive me crazy (click here to read it!). But, to be honest, I LOVE some clichés. Clichés can be bad, but they can also be like a mug of cocoa–nice, comforting, predictable, and exactly what you need. Now, without further ado, here are three romance clichés that I LOVE. 
The Damsel in Distress ❤ 
I LOVE THIS CLICHÉ SO MUCH. I blame it on the Disney princess movies that I will never get enough of. Just ask my siblings. 
But honestly, what can be more romantic than a prince saving his princess from a fire-breathing dragon, a poison-apple induced sleep, a sea-witch, or an evil stepmother? I’M KIDDING I’M BEING SARCASTIC. Or am I? One can never tell. 😉 I really like this cliché because it totally goes against the “strong” women cliché (check out this post to see my rant thoughts). Also, it’s romantic. Just watch the Disney princess movies. Thank you very much. 

Romeo and Juliet ❤

What I mean by Romeo and Juliet is FORBIDDEN LLLLLOOOOOVVVVVEEEE. But this cliché does need to meet some conditions for me to love it. Like I actually have to LIKE the characters okay? Conditions such as their love shouldn’t be forbidden for good reasons. For example, a family feud is not a good reason to not fall in love. Just saying. Another condition is that I would like for it to have a happy ending (I’m looking at you, Shakesepeare). Please. Happily ever afters make me VERY happy. 

Hate to Love ❤

Don’t you love it when two characters start out hating each others’ guts and then end up falling madly in love? I know that I do! Not only is it slightly humorous, but it is also so stinking adorable when it does happen. ESPECIALLY if a good dose of sarcasm is thrown in the mix. For example, Darcy and Elizabeth from Pride and Prejudice by Jane Austen is my favorite hate-to-love relationship. Another book that had a great hate-to-love relationship was Unblemished by Sara Ella (read my review by clicking here). Read it and then we can fangirl together, okay? =)

What are some romance clichés that YOU love? 


  1. Hate to love is probably my favourite, because it can be very realistic and identifiable… and hilarious!! I also like the friends-to-lovers one, because it's SO CUTE!!! (And realistic. Sorry. I don't like unrealistic romances:P)P.S. Micaiah, I LOVE the photos on this post!! So beautiful, and such a good idea!!


  2. I LOVE hate to love for all of those reasons as well! =D I agree. Unrealistic romances send me running away screaming. xD Aw, thank you so much! ❤ I've been dabbling in photography lately and was excited to show some of what I've learned! =)


  3. ughhh yes, hate to love is the most adorable thing ever and I love it. xD Did you like all the three books you had in the pictures? If so I'll probably go check them out at some point. ;DLilian –


  4. I love how you did this edition too! I LOVE ELIZABETH AND MR. DARCY ❤ ❤ ❤ I've always thought Beatrice and Benedick were the cutest Shakespeare couple, even though they start out hating each other!


  5. Aw, I’m glad! Confession time: I have never read any complete work of Shakespeare’s, only snippets. Which play are Beatrice and Benedict in? If it’s a hate to love relationship, I’d LOVE to read about it. Also…. SHAKESPEARE. ❤


  6. SHAKESPEARE IS BEAUTIFUL. But generally long and complicated, so I get it. =)Beatrice and Benedick are in Much Ado About Nothing. It's ironically not my favorite play, but I think they're adorable. *heart eyes* Benedick was basically my first fictional crush. . . (except maybe Robin Hood from the Disney animated movie) My favorite plays are Julius Caesar and The


  7. Okie dokie, I will then. ^-^ (also I'm reading a hate-to-love romance novel right now and <3)Lilian | co-founder of Stellae Books ( blog |


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