4 Reasons Why I Made the Switch From Blogger to WordPress

Blogging is one of my favorite things. I love sharing my thoughts on stories and faith with the world through my blog, as well as making connections with other writers through the blogosphere. In my blogging journey, I’ve blogged on three different platforms. These platforms include Blogger, WordPress.com, and self-hosted WordPress (which I shall refer to as WordPress in this post). My most recent (and last!) move was from Blogger to WordPress. And y’all, I AM SO GLAD THAT I SWITCHED. But why DID I switch platforms? Here are four reasons why I made the switch from Blogger to WordPress. 

1. Blogger was acting up for me.

For some reason, Blogger had been acting up for me… A LOT. For example, I was not able to comment on my Blogger blog or other people’s Blogger blogs for a long time. I resorted to using my phone to comment. That is, until I couldn’t comment on my phone either. I contacted Google about the issue but never heard back. I also stopped getting emails about new comments on my blog rather randomly and could not resolve that.

I haven’t had problems like these with WordPress, and I am happy to say that I don’t really have any reason to anticipate them. WordPress is running like a dream and I couldn’t be happier.

2. Blogger’s security was sorely lacking.

I got SO MUCH SPAM on my Blogger blog. I honestly was at my wit’s end deleting spammy comments that told my readers to visit certain websites and blabbed nonsense. I hated the fact that, if I randomly combed through my posts, I would find these spammy comments. And the worst part? Blogger was doing nothing about it. I had to find and delete these manually. What a headache!

With WordPress, I feel much safer from spam and other security issues. I use Sitelock, Wordfence, and Jetpack for my blog’s security. These plug-ins and services help keep my blog safe and secure. And guess what? Spammy comments have already been intercepted and I was able to get rid of them! Meanwhile, my blog gets scanned for things such as malware by Sitelock and Wordfence. These services can get pricey, but I think that the security provided is worth it.

3. Blogger can delete your blog at any time.

I learned this only AFTER I got my Blogger blog. One blog that I really enjoy reading is Chasing Foxes. In one of their posts about blogging, the authors of Chasing Foxes, Silas and Grace, talk about a fellow blogger, Michelle of Making Sense of Cents (her blog is great too!), who started blogging on Blogger. Michelle’s blog was deleted by Blogger… For no reason whatsoever. Ummm…. What?

I didn’t think that my Blogger blog was going to get deleted any time soon, but I preferred the idea of a self-hosted website much better than a website that can get deleted at any time. I use Bluehost to host my blog. I am so pleased to say that the support and service provided by Bluehost has been great. I would definitely recommend Bluehost to all of my blogging friends.

4. I wanted my blog to look more professional.

Take a look at my Blogger blog:

Yes, there are blogs using the Blogger platform that look AMAZING. But honestly, I found it easier to make my WordPress blog look better (many thanks to Angie Makes for all of the support!). Now I know you’re looking at it, but for the sake of comparison, take a look at my new blog…

There’s a noticeable difference, right? And it’s not just in the design. There are differences in the “little things” as well. Take, for example, my contact page’s URLs…

Blogger: http://www.notebooksandnovels.com/p/loading.html

Self-Hosted WordPress: http://www.notebooksandnovels.com/contact/

My new contact page’s URL looks so much cleaner than the one I had with Blogger, even though I bought a custom Google domain for my blog. And this is just one example of the “little things” differences between the two platforms. It’s the little differences that help make a website and brand look even more professional.

So there you have it! Four reasons I made the big switch. I hope that you’ll stop by next week as I share three resources that helped me make the switch from Blogger to WordPress.

Are you a blogger? If so, what platform do you use for your blog?

2 thoughts on “4 Reasons Why I Made the Switch From Blogger to WordPress

  1. Oh goodness! This blog looks amazing and absolutely wonderful. I saw The Outsiders book and all the memories came back of our family reunion. I miss you so much! Love you lots.


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