Resources That Helped Me Make the Switch From Blogger to WordPress

Before I made the switch from Blogger to self-hosted WordPress, I was terrified by the mere thought. The process seemed to complicated and hard! I spent a lot of time doing research on the process. Emphasis on a lot of time. I’m so glad that I discovered many helpful resources during my research. With these resources, I was able to make the switch easily. Here are some of the resources that helped me make the switch from Blogger to WordPress.

Transferring a Custom Domain From Google to Bluehost.

This help article from Bluehost and this help article from GoogleOne of the things that I was most nervous about was transferring my domain. It seemed so intimidating. Luckily, I was able to transfer my domain with the help of the two articles listed above. I would like to note that you might have to switch out your primary domain on Bluehost after you purchase hosting. If you have any questions about this, feel free to ask me, and this not-so-tech-savvy girl will try to answer them. 😉

Switching From Blogger to WordPress.

This tutorial from Chasing Foxes and this tutorial from Making Sense of CentsI honestly don’t think that I would have been able to start this blog without the help of these two tutorials. Both are super informative and helpful. If you’re starting a blog or moving it, I ‘d definitely suggest these.

This article from Angie MakesI used this article when I imported my blog’s content from my Blogger blog to WordPress. It was very helpful. And speaking of Angie Makes…

Making Your Blog Beautiful.

Angie MakesAngie Makes is the design company that I purchased my current theme from. They sell pretty and feminine WordPress themes, as well as graphics, fonts, and logos. I couldn’t be happier with how my blog looks. The support that I received from Angie Makes was fantastic. Angie answered my questions and helped me customize my theme. If you’re looking to make your WordPress blog beautiful, you should definitely look into Angie Makes.

Restored 316This is another design company that offers pretty and feminine WordPress themes. However, unlike the Angie Makes themes, these WordPress themes require the Genesis framework, which will cost a little more money.

Do you have a blog? Have you considered making the switch?

2 thoughts on “Resources That Helped Me Make the Switch From Blogger to WordPress

  1. I LOVE HOW TO POSTS! Not planning on switching any time soon but this was so fun to read cos I happen to have an interest in all things design. I actually am designing a WP blog currently just for practice sake 😂😂😂

    Your new look is so lovely I just come over randomly to admire it sometimes lol

    xx lisa


    1. I do too! I really like the ones that you have done in the past. =) That’s so cool that you’re designing one for fun! I bet it looks great, since you have such a nice looking blog.

      Aw, you’re so sweet! Thank you. ❤


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