February Writing Prompt Challenge

I am so excited to introduce monthly writing prompt challenges to Notebooks and Novels! I love getting to read what you all are writing, and writing prompt challenges are so much fun! They make you think outside the box to try to include a prompt in a short piece of fiction, and they inspire lots of great story ideas! Keep on reading for more details about this writing prompt challenge. =)

The Rules

Your entry must be between 150-400 words long and must include one of the prompts.

Please submit your entry in the form below. You may submit as many entries as you’d like.

The deadline is February 24. The winner will be announced and notified on March 1. The first, second, and third place entries will be posted here on Notebooks and Novels. The first place winner will have the option of getting a short story written by me or a critique of five pages of their work. =)

February’s Prompts

Here are the prompt choices for February’s writing prompt challenge:

She didn’t know that she was in love until it was over.


No one ever told me that love would hurt this much.

Got a prompt idea?

Let me know! Click here to tell me all about your best prompt ideas!

Enter Your Story

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Tag a Friend (or Two!)

The more entries the merrier! Tag one of your friends to participate in the challenge by leaving her name in the comment section and letting her know that she’s been tagged to participate in the Notebooks and Novels Writing Prompt Challenge by sending her the below graphic and the link to this post.

Will you take on the challenge?

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