Free Printable Library Play Set

Hey everyone!

I have something fun for you and the little ones in your life today. I’ve created a free printable library play set. I created this for my siblings a couple months ago, and I thought it might be fun to share this. It’s a play set for “The Lion Library” (named because of the lion statues outside of the New York Public Library), and it has a lot of fun printables for you to create a library corner with!

Included in the Play Set Are….

  • A Lion Library Sign
  • A Customizable Lion Library Event Poster
  • A Customizable Lion Library Reading Challenge Poster
  • “Open” and “Closed” Signs
  • A Lion Library Book Drop Sign
  • A Lion Library Rule Poster
  • Lion Library Library Cards

I also created a set of logs: One for your kiddos to track books they’ve read and another to track books that have been checked out of the library!

To Get the FREE Library Play Set, Simply Click the First Download Button Below. To Get the Library Checkout Log and Book Log, Click the Second Download Button Below.

You can use these printables to create your own little library for kids at home! For my siblings’ little library, I used a sturdy cardboard box for a book drop, a TV tray covered in a red tablecloth as a “front desk,” and created a little shelf system with kids’ books. I hung the signs up around the little corner and checked out books for the library patrons and their dolls that came by. We also did a “library event” by reading Curious George by H.A. Rey, eating banana chocolate chip muffins (mini ones were served for the doll patrons, of course), and talking about our favorite parts of the book. Everyone had a lot of fun, and all patrons were encouraged to read more by using their book logs. I would love to see what kind of fun you all can come up with!

I had fun creating these printables, and I hope that you all will enjoy using them! Please don’t forget share these with anyone with kids who might enjoy this, and as always, stay stellar!

Do you have any younger siblings?

2 thoughts on “Free Printable Library Play Set

  1. Micaiah, your ideas are simply wonderful!
    As an older sister myself (with 5 younger siblings) I really enjoy reading about what other big sisters do with their younger siblings. The only reason I won’t do it is simply because we just don’t have much space in our house. (Think 2 parents + 9 kids in a three bedroom home. xD One of the kids sleeps in the lounge!) But I really, really like the idea. Maybe I’ll do it for my kids one day. ❤

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you, Danielle!

      I also love to hear what older siblings do with younger siblings (I myself have four younger siblings). I’m sorry that you can’t do it because of space, but I’m sure that you and your siblings still find fun things to do. It sounds like you’re a great big sister! And I’m glad that you like the idea. ❤


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