My Friday Favorite Five

It’s time for another Friday Favorite Five!

It’s been a while since my last Friday Favorite Five post. I’m excited to be doing another Friday Favorite Five post today. 🙂 Here we go…..

ONE: Cheesy Rom-Coms

I have always loved and will always adore cheesy rom-coms. The first rom-coms that I ever watched were Kate & Leopold and Leap Year, and ever since those movies I’ve been addicted. Hallmark movies are some of my favorites, and Christmas is one of the best times for romance movies! Last night I watched Life as We Know It (SO cute!), and as I type this post, the Hallmark movie From Friend to Fiance is playing in the background. If you guys have any good rom-com suggestions, please leave them in the comments below!

TWO: Chilled Chai Lattes

I’ve been working on creating a chilled (I don’t have ice okay??) Chai latte recipe, and I think I’m getting close to creating THE ONE. Basically I steep two Chai tea bags in 2 cups of water in the fridge overnight (start with hot water so that it is stronger). The next day, I remove the tea bags and add a teaspoon of vanilla extract and two tablespoons of brown sugar. I make sure it’s all mixed together, then pour the sweetened concentrate into a glass and mix with almond milk. This drink has been satisfying my cravings for Chai during these hot, sunny days, and it’s delicious!

THREE: College Vlogs

My freshman year of college is coming up, and I am so excited! I’ve been watching some college vlogs to learn more about what a little bit more about to expect, what to bring, etc. Here are two vloggers whose vlogs I’ve learned a couple tips from:

Marrisa Nicole | Ohio State University | College Tips and Hacks + Vlogs

Sophia Pruett | UNC Wilmington | College Guide + Vlogs

And here’s a blogger who has been helpful as I’ve been creating a packing list: Sophia Lee of By Sophia Lee

FOUR: Surfaces Music

Surfaces has been one of my favorite music groups to listen to lately! Their music is so fun, bright, and positive. You might know their song “Sunday Best.” It’s one of my favorites of theirs!

FIVE: Poldark

You all may be thinking… Does this girl do anything but drink Chai, listen to music, and watch TV and YouTube???? The answer is yes, I do, but I’m just listing some of these kinds of things that I’ve been liking okay??? Okay, back to Poldark…..

My mom and I just finished the last season of Poldark (which is on Amazon Prime). It was such a good show, but I felt a little unsatisfied by the ending. Nevertheless, I’m hoping to rewatch it soon. 😉 Seriously, if you like period dramas, try POLDARK. I want to read the books too!

What is one of your favorite things?

5 thoughts on “My Friday Favorite Five

  1. Great post! If you are looking for a Hallmark-ish romance movie, Elizabeth Anne and I enjoyed The Christmas Calendar. I’m not sure if it is by Hallmark or not, but it is that kind of movie (if you get what I mean 😄!).

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