What Am I? ~ A Shakespearean Sonnet

What Am I? ~ A Shakespearean Sonnet
Sometimes when I am left to ponder,
The roll of the clouds, the glow of the moon, the soar of an eagle, the height of the sky, 
I, like a child, can’t help but wonder, 
In all of this, what am I? 

The roar of the storm, the ocean wide,
Spirals of rock, evergreens, ethereal flowers and mountain kings, 
A bow of color in the sky, the ebb and flow of the passing tide,
What am I, amidst all of this creation that sings

The yawn of a canyon, the crescendo of light, 
Scampering does, skittering leaves, fluttering birds, towering trees,
The dance of stars in a dark blue night,
What am I, amidst all of these? 
Perhaps it is not what I am that I should dwell on, nor on all of this majesty,
But rather, on the hands that made all of this, and me