Free Printable Submission Tracker

Hey, friends!

Long time, no free printable, am I right? Well, here I am with a new super fun printable that all of my writerly readers will LOVE! It’s a printable submission tracker!

With this submission tracker, you can keep track of what you’ve submitted, where you submitted to, and when you submitted.

It is super easy to use and will help you stay very organized! I love using my own submission tracker and it has helped me A LOT.

To get your free printable submission tracker, just click on the image or link below. Then, print it, and start filling it in with all of you submissions!

I hope that this tracker helps you as much as it has helped me. Happy writing, and happy submitting!

Where have you recently submitted a story?

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Printable Marvel Movie Marathon Checklist

The Endgame is here, y’all!

I’m sure that many of you have already seen Marvel’s latest film. But if you’re like me and haven’t yet been to the theater, fear not. That means you still have time to prepare with a Marvel movie marathon! And even if you have seen Avengers: Endgame, a movie marathon wouldn’t hurt one bit. 😉

To help you make the most of your Marvel movie marathon, I’ve created a Marvel movie marathon checklist!

This printable checklist includes all twenty-two MCU movies, from Iron Man to Avengers: Endgame. My family and I have been working on checking every movie off the checklist and are almost ready for Avengers: Endgame! Now you can join in on the movie-watching too.

Download and print out your own Marvel movie marathon checklist by clicking on the link below or the image to the left.

Now, happy movie watching, and excelsior!

What is your favorite Marvel movie? Have you seen Endgame?

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Free Printable Writing Planner

We’re about a month and a half into 2019 by now, and that means that a lot of us are working hard on our 2019 goals. For many of us writers, those goals revolve around, well writing. And you know what? I want to help you reach your goals. That’s why I created this FREE printable weekly writing planner for all of you!

It’s so much easier to reach our goals when you approach them one step at a time, day by day, week by week. And it’s even more easy to reach them when you’re organized. I hope that you will be able to use this free weekly writing printable to flourish as a writer, reach your goals, and stay organized! You can print and download it below. Read on for some instructions and tips on using it. =)

How To Use Your New Writing Planner…

O N E : Download your weekly writing planner above and print it out.

T W O : Start by writing in the date and narrowing down your focus for the week. For example, you could focus on writing lots of blog posts or working on editing your novel. I find that picking one thing to focus on a week helps me to stay less stressed and more productive.

T H R E E : The next step is to narrow down your writing goals. If you want to write lots of blog posts, you could write down how many posts you want to write, what type of posts you’d like to write, etc.

F O U R : Now it’s time to make a writerly to-do list! For example, going back to the writing blog posts example, you could write down things such as creating blog graphics, formatting posts, writing the posts, and editing the posts.

F I V E : Lastly, it’s time to scribble down some writing inspiration and accomplishments. I find that writing down things you accomplish can help you stay motivated throughout the week. Writing down things such as inspirational quotes can also help keep you motivated and inspired to accomplish even more!

How do you stay organized and motivated when it comes to writing?

Printable Christmas Roll-A-Story Game

Have you ever played a roll-a-story game? I recently discovered these fun games when my Mom found and printed a Christmas themed one for my siblings and me. We all had so much fun writing short stories using it! In fact, we enjoyed ourselves so much that I thought it would be fun to share a Christmas themed roll-a-story of my own making with you all. To play my Roll-A-Story: Christmas Edition game, download the printable game below and follow the instructions listed. 

What You’ll Need

  • My Roll-A-Story: Christmas Edition Printable
  • A Die
  • Some Friends and Family (or you can play this by yourself!)
  • Writing supplies (computers, notebooks, pencils, typewriters…)

How To Play The Game

O N E : Print out the Roll-A-Story: Christmas Edition game. 

T W O : Grab a die and some friends.

T H R E E : Take turns rolling the die. The first roll determines the setting of your story. The second roll determines its main character, and the third roll determines the sticky situation your character finds himself in. For example, if I rolled a one during my first roll, my setting would be a Christmas tree farm. If my second roll was a six, my main character would be Jack Frost. If my last roll was a four, the sticky situation that Jack Frost would find himself in would be that he accidentally knocks a Christmas tree over. 

F O U R : Now for the most fun part: Writing the stories! It’s time for everyone to grab a pencil and paper (typewriters are always welcome, of course) and start scribbling! Sticking with the setting, character, and situation you rolled, it’s up to you to craft a fun short story. Here’s a sample synopsis of what a short story with the roll I made up in step three could look like…

During his seasonal visit to a Christmas tree farm, Jack Frost accidentally knocks over the Christmas tree of a family who hasn’t been able to afford one in the past. Feeling guilty, he tries to make up for the family’s loss by getting them one adorned with icy ornaments. Seeing the children’s joy at receiving the gift, and the wonder in their eyes at its beauty, he is inspired to spread Christmas magic throughout the world. 

Your story can be serious, heartfelt, goofy, or just plain nonsense. It’s your story. Have fun with it! For extra fun and a writing frenzy, set a timer (this is completely optional). The stories have to be finished when the timer rings! 

F I V E : Now it’s time to share your stories! There are no winners or losers in this game. The point is to challenge yourself to think creatively and to have fun writing and sharing a short story. 

I would love to see the stories you create with this fun game! Send your creations to me through my contact page OR tag me in an Instagram post featuring your story during the days leading up to Christmas, and your story could be featured on my Instagram account @micaiahsaldana. 

Have you ever played a roll-a-story game? Will you play this one?

Printable Letter Stationery For Your Sponsored Child

Hello, friends! I know, I know, WHERE WAS I WITH A POST LAST FRIDAY?!?! To be honest, I was preparing a post for Friday but got pretty lazy busy and never finished it. So now I’m here with an entirely NEW post about something that I’m really passionate about, along with some fun printables!

I’ve never talked about this before, but my family sponsors two kiddos through two different organizations. We sponsor a little boy named Simpson through Compassion International and a little girl named Yessica through World VisionI am proud to support both of these organizations and the work that Christ is doing through them. To learn more about Compassion International, click here. To learn more about World Vision, click here.

Both Compassion International and World Vision have great child sponsorship programs. I love being able to sponsor Simpson and Yessica! Child sponsorship not only provides the child being sponsored with things such as education, food, and the chance to hear the Gospel, but also an encouraging and life-changing relationship between the sponsor and child through letter-writing. The relationships built through the letter writing aspect of child sponsorship are truly special. Every time I receive a letter from Simpson or Yessica I get SO excited. I love hearing about their lives, their accomplishments, and their worlds.

Through the letters that I send to my sponsored kids, I try to encourage them and remind them of Christ’s love. I try to make the letters a little fun by sending along stickers, photographs, and coloring pages. I also like to use colorful stationery.

To make the letters that you send to your sponsored child a little more colorful, I’ve designed some printable stationery for you all to use! This stationery is designed with older sponsored kids in mind, but I’ll have some new letter stationery and/or templates for younger sponsored kids coming soon. There is a red, orange, yellow, and blue printable for boys and a pink, purple, and blue printable for girls.

TO PRNT: Click the little arrow in the top right hand corner of the widget below. Click the print icon on the upper right hand corner of the new page, then proceed to print. =) If you have any problems printing these, please let me know!

The Printable Letter Stationery 

I hope that you all enjoy using the stationery! =) Do you sponsor a child? If so, through what organization? What is a cause that you are passionate about? Let’s chat, friends!