Giveaway Winner+Video Opportunity!

Hello, everyone! I am happy to announce the winner of the PURSUE magazine giveaway! 
Congratulations, Jem Jones!
You should have an email from me AND a digital issue of PURSUE magazine waiting in your inbox for you. =) Enjoy your copy of PURSUE! 
ALSO, I completely forgot about this in my last post, but there is an opportunity to film a video of for PURSUE magazine’s promo video montage. Here are the rules:
Please keep the video length between 30 second and one minute.
In your video, please answer at least one of the following questions:
What is you definition of “pursue”?
How are you pursuing the dreams God has given you?
How can other become who God has created them to be?
Send completed videos to PURSUE Magazine.
Have you read PURSUE magazine’s new issue? Will you be filming a video for the promo montage? CAMP NANO IS ALMOST OVER Y’ALL!!! Have you met your goal yet (I haven’t, don’t worry)?