You Made A Difference {A Tag About Blogs}

Time for another fun tag!

Today I am doing the You Made a Difference tag created by Jem Jones. Thanks for creating this fun tag, Jem, and for tagging me! ❤

The Rules

Answer all the questions. The answers to your questions are the people that you tag! You can tag as many or as few people as you’d like. Have fun!

Now, onto the tag…

Old friends

  • Who was the first blogger you followed? (or the first few you remember)

The first blogger that I followed was Hanna of Taking My Time. It was Hanna that inspired me to start blogging myself. I’m so thankful for her and her friendship. ❤

  • Who was the first person to comment on your blog?

The first person to comment on my first blog was Savannah Grace of Savannah Grace Writes. She hasn’t been blogging lately, but you should definitely check out her past posts and her writing!

  • Sometimes bloggers stop blogging or go on indefinite hiatus – who do you miss now they’re gone?

Hannah Rodriguez of Furious Ever Afters. I loved the playlists she created and overall her posts. She is definitely missed in the blogosphere!

  • Who started blogging around the same time as you? 

I honestly cannot think of anyone that started blogging when I started blogging in 2015. There were people who were already blogging, and I just sort of joined in with them.

*short break for my blogging backstory* In 2015, I started a blog called A Little Bit of Everything. I literally blogged about everything there, from snapshots of my life to fantastical serial stories. In 2016, I moved my blog to Ramblings of a Writer. I got more serious about blogging about reading and writing! I finally moved to Notebooks and Novels in 2017, and I’ve been here ever since! 🙂

Current bloggers

  • Do you have a blogging friendship which has extended beyond the screen?

I’m afraid that I haven’t gotten to meet any of my blogging friends yet, but I hope to one day!

  • Which blogger has most influenced your current blogging or writing style?

Hhhhmmmm…. I’m going to say Cait of Paper Fury (Jem is right-I think that all of us book bloggers want to be like her). She is a blogging QUEEN, and once I discovered her blog I knew that I wanted to be as passionate and excited about blogging as she was. I also wanted to take pretty pictures of books like Cait does (her Instagram is SO PRETTY I love alll the books!) and have a pretty website too.

  • Who was the last person who tagged you?

The last person to tag me was Jem Jones! She is so nice and has a great blog. Go check her blog out by clicking here!

Tag! You’re It!

The Questions

Old friends

  • Who was the first blogger you followed? (or the first few you remember)
  • Who was the first person to comment on your blog?
  • Sometimes bloggers stop blogging or go on indefinite hiatus – who do you miss now they’re gone?
  • Who started blogging around the same time as you? 

Current bloggers

  • Do you have a blogging friendship which has extended beyond the screen?
  • Which blogger has most influenced your current blogging or writing style?
  • Who was the last person who tagged you?

Who are some of your favorite bloggers, and what are their blogs? Share with me in the comments so that I can go follow them!

I Failed… And That’s Okay

I failed…. And that’s okay.

I had so many plans for this blog for 2020, plans that I shared with you all in this post. Included in all of those plans were plans for some fun posts this February talking about romance in fiction, as well as lots of other plans and ideas for later. And guys, I failed. I haven’t been able to keep up with any of those plans.

A friend once shared this with me: You can do anything, but not everything.

I’ve been trying to do everything. Because I’ve been so busy with high school, preparing for college, work, and life, I haven’t prioritized time to do things that I love: Write, read, and blog. Not doing this has been another failure of mine.

Part of this is because of the pressure that I have put on myself and my blog.

My blog used to be something that I LOVED to do. I loved putting together a post, adding some pictures, and answering comments. But recently, I started putting pressure on myself to be more “professional” and “put together.” I went from sharing my ramblings to trying to create structured posts that people would actually find “interesting.”

All of this takes more time and energy, and honestly, it made blogging less enjoyable to me. I miss sharing my random thoughts and little stories with you all.

So from now on…. I’m going to share more of my stories and more of what I want to write on this blog, not just what I think other people want to see.

I’m not going to be a perfect blogger, and that’s okay. I’m not going to be perfect as I navigate trying to juggle all of these exciting new aspects of my life and trying to keep my priorities straight. I’m going to fail even more, even in my new endeavors. But you know what?

It’s okay to fail sometimes. We’re all human. We’re all bound to fail in some way.

When we do fail, let us remember to give ourselves grace, get back up, and try again (maybe even in a different and better way).

And let us also take comfort and rest in the fact that we serve a God who loves us no matter how we fail, a God who will never ever fail us.

Maybe this is random and scattered (who am I kidding, it is!). But it’s something that I want to share with you all, in case anyone else feels anything like this. If you do, you’re not alone.

It’s My Two Year Blogoversary!

Happy New Year! How is it 2019 already!? I can hardly believe it. Today, January 1, 2019, is the start of a new year. But it’s not only the start of a new year. It’s my two year blogoversary! To celebrate, I’m going to be looking back at some of my blog’s stats from 2018.

Notebooks and Novels Stats From 2018…


Combined from Blogger and WordPress, I have 157 followers. I just want to say THANK YOU to all of you amazing human beings who have given me a follow. Y’all are rock stars!

Page Views

Notebooks and Novels got 18, 625 page views in 2018! That is over five thousand more page views than 2017. All I can say is WOW.


Notebooks and Novels received 303 comments this year. I’ve loved seeing and responding to all of your comments and hope that they keep on coming!

Total Posts

I published 49 blog posts in 2018. I’m looking forward to sharing many more with you all in 2019!

Most Popular Post

Flash Fiction Dash 2018: The Day We Say Goodbye was the most popular post! I am so pleased to see that my most popular post was one that featured some of my fiction! It was so fun participating in the Flash Fiction Dash, and I loved seeing what everyone had to say about this bittersweet story.

My Favorite Post

My favorite post is actually a series of posts that I wrote, starting with “I’m Tired of ‘Strong’ Female Characters Part One.” I loved sharing my thoughts on the subject with you all, but most of all, I loved seeing the conversations about strong women in fiction and real life that the series sparked.

Other Fun Stuff

  • I GOT PUBLISHED. My short story “Dear Jamie, Love Rory” won One Teen Story‘s teen writing contest and was published this past summer. It’s so crazy to hold my short story, to see it in print, and to hear that other people love reading it. Honestly, this is one of my top highlights of 2018. I feel so blessed. ❤
  • I moved from Blogger to WordPress (visit this post to learn more about why I made the switch).
  • There were some fun guest posts on the blog this year by Lisa Elis, Jeanette van As, and author Tessa Emily Hall, as well as an interview with teen author Taylor Bennet!
  • I became a PURSUE magazine columnist. My column is Relationships, and I absolutely love sharing some advice about relationships with my fellow teen girls!

Looking Forward to the Future…

WOW, a lot has happened on here in this past year! Thank you all for sticking around and making it an amazing year of blogging. I hope that you’ll continue to stick around for all of the exciting things that I have planned for 2019!

In the meantime, would you mind taking a quick, ten question survey to help make Notebooks and Novels even better in 2019? In return, I’d love to send you a short story written by me (more details can be found here). Click the link below to take the survey. Your feedback is so helpful. From the bottom of my heart, THANK YOU!

May we all look upon 2018 fondly and to 2019 with hope. Here’s to an amazing year, my friends!