London, 1941 / A Short Story

“London, 1941” by Micaiah Saldaña

“Emma! Emma!”

I scream her name over and over again, hoping that the noise reaches her ears. Emma. The word vibrates as it leaves my mouth and floats into the air. I will never be able to hear it, but I know how it feels. 

Right now, it feels shaky. Breathless. I am gasping for air tainted by London’s charred remains. 

She couldn’t have gone far. Surely she knew to find an air raid shelter in London’s belly. Surely someone helped her… “Emma!”

So why do I feel so wrong?

One could say it’s the greying sky littered with clouds and German aircraft, but those are now like roast on a Sunday before the war. Constant. Predictable. Normal.


I trip along what used to be a busy street. The remains of London crunch underneath my feet. I scramble around debris. In the distance, firemen try to put out one of the hundreds of London’s fires. 


My throat scratches against the word. Please be near. Please be safe. 

Buildings that remain gloriously, miraculously, untouched reach out to the sky as if to defy the enemy soaring above. Their fallen comrades lay in shambles and hang in crooked structures, skeletons of what once was.

This place, this place that smells sour and burnt, is no place for a little girl. And yet this is my sister’s playground.


I cannot hear the planes above, the screaming sirens, or the bombs rushing to the earth. But I can feel them. Their steady hum of destruction and wings electrifies the air. Suddenly, the earth rumbles. I stumble against a brick wall. That felt… Close. My heart beats ten times faster. My palms begin to sweat. 


Where is she? Is she safe? I swallow, tasting bile and defeat.

Please let her be safe. 

The world shatters into a million pieces and fire ignites the sky. 

A Note From the Author:

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ACFW Genesis Contest Update + Exciting Reveal!

I am both proud and honored to say that I am one of three finalists in the 2019 ACFW Genesis Contest in the novella category.

I did not win the contest, but I am nonetheless thrilled and so, so blessed to be a finalist. I would like to give a big thank you to everyone who made the Genesis contest possible, from the judges to the organizers. I am a better writer because of this contest. I would also like to congratulate all of the ACFW Genesis and Carol Award winners!

And now, I’m really excited to share about my novella with you all!

I’ve had to keep it a secret for a LONG time for the contest, but now that it has ended, I can share about it!

Always ~ A Novella

A contemporary retelling of A Christmas Carol and It’s A Wonderful Life.

Sky Bleu is tired. Tired of the pain. Tired of the memories that haunt her every step. Tired of the shards of her heart and her life that she cannot put back together.

As she sits on the edge of a bridge contemplating ending it all, a mysterious boy in a leather jacket comes and whisks her away on a journey through time. Gabe is his name, and he won’t let her die without putting up a fight, begging her to choose life. As Sky and Gabe travel through the past and present, through memories and moments, Sky begins to wonder…. 

Is there truly hope and healing for a broken girl like her? And has the God she used to love really been with her always?

A Snippet….

The moon and stars had tucked themselves behind the clouds again. The boy sighed, set his guitar down, and blew into his chapped and calloused hands. He rubbed some life back into them, stood, and gathered up his things. 

That’s when he found it. A rather un-ordinary piece of paper, with words scribbled on it in pencil that had smudged a little bit. But not enough that he couldn’t read the words.

Help me, I’m drowning,

Hear me, I’m screaming,

 I wish that I could wake up,

And realize that, all along, I was only


What’s Next For Always?

Now that the contest is over and I have a second draft of Always, I’m going to start working on it again! I am probably going to be making the story longer, as well as tweaking bits here and there. Lots of editing, revisions, and much-needed chai lattes are on the horizon for me as I start to work on Always again.

I also hope to seek publication for Always one day! It could be self-publication, or maybe even traditional publication. I’m trying to keep my options open, as I prayerfully think and plan ahead to this step. But right now, my main focus is on the story and making sure that it is the best it can be.

I’ve got another thank you to say here, and it’s to you!

Before I end this post, I just want to say THANK YOU to all of the people, including YOU, my blog readers, who have stuck by me and supported me on my writing journey. You all mean so much to me, and every bit of encouragement and help has been so good and uplifting. I thank God that I have such supportive and amazing people to help me along my writing journey! I am so blessed.

Until next time… Stay stellar. ❤